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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products Kosher and Halal certified?

All of our products are Kosher Parve and are certified by the Orthodox Union. We are also Halal certified by the Islamic Services of America (ISA).

Who are your customers?

We serve a variety of customers across many channels, including retail, foodservice, club stores, and ingredients for industrial use. Our CherryMan branded products are available in both small and large retail stores across the nation. Our private label products are packed under leading retailer brands and are also available in iconic American restaurants and bakeries. 

Why do you have operations in both Oregon and Michigan?

Our Oregon cherry operations are surrounded by our growers cherry orchards. There our primary focus is on processing and pitting, which enables us to keep strict control standards for maintaining fresh orchard quality. Once the cherries are pitted, they are then shipped to our state of the art operations facility in Michigan where the maraschinos are further processed and packaged.

What ports do you currently ship out of going to foreign destinations?

From Texas to Thailand, our operations and staff are equipped to ship all over the world. We have 11 warehouses located throughout the Western, Eastern, and Southern USA regions to ensure customers receive their products with ease. 

Do you provide different cherry size options?

Nature has a beautiful way of supplying a bounty of cherries in all different shapes and sizes. After the cherries are harvested in the orchard, they are transported to our warehouses where they are sorted into 5 distinct size options. Our foodservice customers can choose from maraschino cherry sizes that range from little dippers (16mm) to colossal sized cherries (24mm). 

Are your products pasteurized?

Quality and taste are our primary goals. We vacuum seal and pasteurize all of our consumer products to ensure food safety and to maximize product shelf life.

How can I purchase your products?

For international orders (one pallet or larger), contact our sales team at 1-800.551.6009 or email us directly by VISITING OUR CONTACT US PAGE.